Seminar topics are still tentative. They will be finalized as we get closer to the fall term.

Date Topic Papers Presenters Note
Sept. 17 Kickoff How to Read a Paper Xia Sign up on Piazza and claim papers!
Wireless Communication
Sept. 22 Wireless 101 CJS+10 Michael
Sept. 24 Radio spectrum management ZLB14, SBK15 Jinzheng
Sept. 29 Interference management CQZ+15, CYK15 Ayan
Oct. 1 mmWave SVZ+15, ZZZ+15 Jiaming, ? Proposal due on Oct. 2
Oct. 6 nmWave YWZ+15, LLT+15 Wei, Saisi
Oct. 8 Guest lecture by Jane Quigley
Oct. 13 Backscatter HZG15, BJK+15 Michael, Debanjum
Oct. 15 Beyond the Conventional RGC15, PHW+14 Vibhu, Suleman
Oct. 20 Project Mid Presentation
Wireless Systems & Applications
Oct. 22 Localization AVK+15, KJB+15 Zhen, Michael
Oct. 27 Sensing JBK+15, AKK15 Huan, Saisi
Oct. 29 Wearables SM15, MTH+15 Binjie, Nisha
Nov. 3 Drones PSM+11, BVP15, HKZ+15 Jie, Yunfeng, Nishant
Nov. 5 Energy SKK+15, BCD+15 Xi, Vishal
Nov. 10 Security & Privacy HWK15, WWZ+15 Travis, Michael
Nov. 12 Interplay with other disciplines JMC15, AHM+15 Debanjum, ?
Nov. 17 No class meeting, work on project
Nov. 19 Project Final Presentation
Nov. 24 Project report due